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Summer School

Online Summer School that Works Around Your Schedule

Are you looking for an online summer school program that won’t force your student to sacrifice summer fun?

Our flexible, online courses give your student the opportunity to meet their summer academic goals without giving up family vacations, athletic activities, or summer jobs.

Enroll today! Your student can start anytime since we have start dates every Monday.

With our online summer school program, your student can:

  • Earn high school credits
  • Accelerate academically
  • Recover credits to graduate on time
  • Raise their GPA by retaking a course
  • Build skills in writing, reading, and math
  • Strengthen their transcript for college applications

Accredited and Approved Online Courses

We are an accredited private school and our courses are approved by trusted organizations like the NCAA, the University of California, and the College Board.

Over the summer, we offer the same comprehensive courses that we offer during the school year to make sure that your student is prepared for subsequent courses.

Courses that Support Your Student’s Goals

Check out our course catalog for math, science, English, social studies, elective and CTE courses for grades 6-12.

To accelerate your student in math, enroll your student in courses like Math 7, Math 8, Geometry, Precalculus, or Algebra II to work ahead of grade level over the summer break.

interactive curriculumSummer is a great time for your student to retake a class to earn a better grade. Our self-paced online courses give your student the time and support they need to succeed in classes like English 9, Algebra I, or Biology. Plus, your student will have access to a certified online teacher as well as online tutors for help in real-time.

Have your student take a world language, Health, or PE course over the summer if they need more room in their fall schedule for athletics and other activities. We also offer middle school and high school level Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Latin courses.

If your student wants to strengthen their high school transcript over the summer, enroll them in one of our honors or Advanced Placement courses like AP Psychology, AP Calculus, or  AP Biology.

Online Summer School Logistics

You might be wondering, Is it even possible for my student to finish an online course before summer break ends? Yes, it’s possible!

Our courses are self-paced. Your student can choose how fast, when, and where they work. There are no scheduled class times and your student has 24/7 access to their course. Plus, we provide a pacing guide to help them stay on track to finish their course in 9 weeks.

If your student needs more time at the end of their course, we will extend their course schedule for an additional 9 weeks at no extra charge.

Interactive Curriculum

Your student will be doing more than just reading and taking quizzes in our easy to navigate online high school courses. Our online middle school and high school courses include a variety of interactive activities that engage your student and address multiple learning styles.

Learning supports are built right into our course to help your student improve study habits, strengthen reading skills, and understand concepts.

Student & Parent Support

Our responsive, experienced team is here to help your student succeed in their online summer school course.

During summer break, many students need extra help with their online courses. That’s why our online tutors are available Monday through Friday to work with your student in real-time.