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Top 5 Tips for Successful Summer Learning

Top 5 Tips for Successful Summer Learning

Typically, summer is a time when kids are outside participating in sports activities, spending time with their friends, or going on family vacations. There is no doubt this summer will be the same, maybe even more so now that we have almost completely returned to our normal routines.

With all of these summer activities, you may be looking for just the right summer school program that fits within your busy schedule. Taking an online summer school course could be a good option for students to pursue a new subject of interest, catch up on concepts they missed, or take a class to get ahead for the next school year.

Below we share a few of our top tips to help your student succeed this summer. To learn more about ALVS summer school offerings and all the reasons your student could benefit from summer learning, visit our Summer School page.

1. Start as soon as possible.

Students who get started earlier in the summer are less stressed and more successful in their courses. The more time your student has to finish their course(s) over the summer, the better.

2.Make a schedule and keep things consistent.

You may have already learned that creating a consistent school schedule at home has been essential to keeping your student on track during the regular school year, and it’s even more important during the summer. Typically, summer activities and summer jobs help establish priorities and create a structure for the long days at home during the summer. Taking a summer school class or two could help you create that structure.

We have heard from our students that our online courses have helped them create structure by working around their schedule and being able to work ahead:

“I would like to thank you for all your help during my AP United States History online course. I appreciate your help in advancing the due dates for my assignments, which helped me finish the course quicker.”

-Ritika I., ALVS Student

When your student is enrolled in a summer school course, it’s important to support them by setting short-term goals, such as how many activities to complete each day, to help them stay on track.

3.Ask for support.

Our experienced online teachers and student services specialists will provide you and your student the support they need to succeed this summer. If your student gets behind, we are here to help them make a plan to catch up.

Plus, our team of online tutors is ready to support your student in real-time through live chat Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-3pm Central.

4.Set up your virtual workspace.

During the regular school year, students usually have a set workspace to study and do their schoolwork, typically a desk or kitchen table at home. Many students might find it difficult to have that same structured workspace during the summer months due to traveling or other plans.

We recommend students set up a “virtual workspace” to make sure they can focus and get the most out of their summer courses. Instead of a set physical location, set up parameters that can go with them. Find a quiet place to work at every new location, always turn sound off on your cellphone, preset times to work, and tell family and friends you won’t be available. Go one step further and use a timer like this one for structured work time AND break time.

5.Utilize all your resources.

Sometimes enrolling in a full course isn’t the solution for every student. Our Tutorials help students in a variety of ways like closing learning gaps, increasing mastery, and preparing them for the next school year. Tutorials can be used as a supplement or extra practice so students gain the confidence to get back up to speed with on grade-level skills.

We hope you and your students find these tips to be helpful this summer. If we can help in any way to support you and your student, please let us know. We are happy to help!

And if you haven’t already signed up for a class or two this summer, visit our course catalog and get started today!

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