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Celebrate the Silver Linings

Celebrate the Silver Linings

In the midst of chaos, uncertainty, and round-the-clock news coverage, it can be hard to see the positive in what we are experiencing right now. But in spite of the numerous challenges COVID-19 has presented to our nation and the world, we continue to hear families sharing their own silver linings.

We thought the following six strategies could help you and your family find your own silver linings as we continue to navigate this new normal together.

1) More quality time together.  

Many families are used to managing the many commitments of middle and high school students. Right now there is a very unique opportunity to be together as a family and enjoy each other, without being caught up in the grueling schedules of school, sports, and commuting to work. This gift of extra time can allow you to focus on what’s important while also making positive memories.

2) Bonding outside.   

All over the country you can see families out walking, riding bikes or playing basketball together – even in chilly weather. Being outside together is a great way to improve everyone’s mood while also taking care of ourselves.

3) Getting creative with online resources.  

We are fortunate enough to be in quarantine at a time when we have all the information we could possibly ever want or need available at our fingertips.

4) Take time to laugh.

It’s nearly impossible to miss the countless memes that are circulating about the pandemic and social distancing. From hilarious pet memes to videos on working remotely with our children at home, we can use them as reminders to stop and take the time to laugh.

Maintaining a strong sense of humor in the face of a crisis can bring down the anxiety level for you and and your family members. Check out this article that has a few of the best memes we’ve seen so far that will hopefully bring some laughter to your day.

5) Connecting (virtually) with friends and family.

It’s rare in non-pandemic life to have the time to virtually connect with friends both near and far. Virtually hosting celebrations or happy hours can be a great reminder that everyone is struggling, but fortunately technology provides ways to connect and laugh about our mutual challenges.

6) Getting sunlight every day.

Getting natural light as soon as you wake up can boost your immune system, improve your mood and can help improve your sleep.

One of the benefits of so much time at home means that you might be able to go on a morning walk instead of commuting to work or school. Or try drinking your morning coffee by the window where the sun shines the brightest. Using this extra time at home to slow down and enjoy the simple things is definitely something to celebrate.

This health crisis has brought us together across the globe, reminding us that we truly are all in this together. If we continue to support one another and celebrate the silver linings of our experiences, we will certainly emerge as a stronger, more connected society.

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