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The Benefits of Taking Physical Education Online

The Benefits of Taking Physical Education Online

The traditional “P.E.” class setting is usually structured as a large group activity or workout without much adaptation or customizability for each student. Being in a large gymnasium surrounded by classmates brings many mixed emotions from students.

For some, it’s an opportunity to take a break from sitting in long classes all day to release some energy. For others, it’s a source of anxiety and can bring feelings of inadequacy when participating next to their peers. 

At ALVS, the goal of our online physical fitness course is to make physical education accessible to all students without pressure or anxiety and to meet the needs of all students, regardless of their level of proficiency or experience.

It’s probably hard to imagine the words “online” and “physical” being used to describe the same course but it brings many benefits to taking P.E. with ALVS.  Our online P.E. course includes learning about different fitness components, sports, occupations within the field, and outdoor activities.

Adaptability and Flexibility

ALVS's online Physical Education course is adaptable for all physical ability levels. Students complete fitness logs to keep track of their workouts and exercise which are individualized for each student. No more one size fits all workouts!  Students also learn how to effectively design their own exercise routine to reach their specific goals.

Unlike a structured 1-hour gym class period at traditional schools, students work at their own pace and choose how much and when they would like to exercise. Many students complete this course in 6-to-8 weeks, which makes it the perfect summer course to take!

Meaningful Course Content

This course is thoughtfully designed to teach students how to effectively perform fitness activities in popular areas like cardiovascular exercise, injury prevention, and building muscle and strength. It also gives them a well-rounded view of physical education with other important topics like goal setting, nutrition and diet, and stress management.

The written workload in this course is purposefully lighter than in other courses to allow time for exercise logs to be completed.

Individualized Feedback from Instructors

Taking physical education online gives students the opportunity to receive individualized feedback from their instructor. Building a rapport with physical education instructors is critical to making sure students have a successful fitness journey.

“My favorite part of virtual P.E. is being able to meet the needs of the students, whatever level they are at. I've had students recovering from injuries, elite athletes in full-time training programs, and many students just trying to earn the required P.E. credit to graduate. The fitness component of this class can be customized to the student.”  

-Sarah Hohn, ALVS Physical Education & Health Teacher

ALVS’s online Physical Education course combines the best online instruction with the adaptability and flexibility to make sure every student thrives on their individual fitness journeys and is motivated to continue physical activities throughout their lives.

To learn more about enrolling in our single-semester Physical Education course, please visit our course catalog or call 855-550-2547.

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