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4 Ways to Get Your Struggling Student Back on Track

4 Ways to Get Your Struggling Student Back on Track

With the new year in full swing routines are starting to get back to normal. That also means your student is back in school and may be struggling to pass that algebra test or those chemistry quizzes that have been a challenge since last fall. This is the time of year when you, and many other parents, realize your student is falling behind and you may need to make some changes to get them back on track.

This could simply mean making minor adjustments to get your student the extra help they need or considering a completely different learning environment to better accommodate their schedule or social-emotional needs. In this blog, we provide suggestions on how to evaluate your options to ensure your student’s success.

1) Establish open communication channels with your student’s teachers. 

If your student is struggling, talk with their teacher about how to get them back on track. This can help you and your student understand where they are struggling the most and how to best address their learning gaps.

If your student failed a test, ask their teacher how they can improve or what topics to focus on. This will provide valuable insight and also demonstrate to the teacher that your student is interested in improving.  It could also increase the likelihood that a teacher will provide  an opportunity to make up a test or offer extra credit. or.

2) Hire a tutor.

For many students, hiring a tutor can be beneficial. For example, if a student is struggling with algebra, hiring a tutor can help them to grasp some of the more challenging concepts.

However, this can be a costly expense and can require more than one session per week to get students where they need to be, especially if a tutor is required in multiple subjects.

3) Talk with your student and listen to their concerns.   

It’s important not to underestimate the value of taking the time to truly listen to what’s going on in your student’s life. Their challenges in school may not have anything to do with their ability to grasp the material.

There could be external factors keeping them from completing their work such as bullying, trouble with friends or anxiety, which could be inhibiting their progress. If this is the case, helping your student to resolve these issues will be important.

Seeking out professional counseling can help your student work through these concerns in a healthy manner. Once addressed, your student may be more capable of focusing on their school work.

4) Consider alternative options.

If you’ve tried all of the above solutions without any improvement, it may be time to think about enrolling your student in a new school.

There are a variety of options and considerations for making a big change like this, but ensuring the curriculum is rigorous and accredited by AdvancED should be a priority. AdvancED is an accreditation body that ensures the curriculum is well-balanced and exceeds standards considered essential for quality education.

Identifying how the teachers and the curriculum will actively engage your student in their learning and motivate them to complete their coursework is a significant consideration. It’s also important to   understand how students are supported throughout the learning process by teachers, counselors, coaches, and tutors.

But most importantly, you want to ensure the new school will make a positive difference in your student’s life. At the end of the day, it’s all about building their confidence and finding the right option to meet their needs.

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