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5 Ways Online Students Can Manage Time More Effectively this Year

5 Ways Online Students Can Manage Time More Effectively this Year

It’s a New Year, and you are probably thinking about setting goals or intentions for the year to come. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary states that intention is the determination to act in a certain way, to make a resolve, or to import significance on what one intends to do.

For your student, the flexibility of an online course brings both challenges and opportunities. When it comes to online courses, there are a few considerations your student will need to make in order to establish mindful intentions for the New Year.

The ability to complete a course anywhere and anytime can be freeing, but your students must also maintain the stamina to stay focused to manage their time and schedule. Taking an online course is much different than taking a course in a classroom and requires another level of self-motivation and organization.

Time management is often the biggest hurdle to success for your middle or high school student. To overcome this challenge, we recommend these tips to keep your student on task and on track this year.

1) Set daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Take the time to plan out the month. This will help make daily and weekly tasks more manageable for your student.

Keeping the long view in sight, but ticking off smaller tasks each day to achieve monthly goals will keep students motivated to finish their course on-time.

Some course providers even help your student set achievable goals with planning guides and calendars so that they can clearly see how much work they need to do each day, week, and month.

2) Establish a schedule.

The ability to log into online courses from anywhere is liberating, but can also create a lack of consistency. By establishing a regular schedule and consistent location for learning, students can create a sense of stability and focus to stay on task.

3) Ask for help.

If things are just not clicking for your student, or a particular concept is a challenge for them to grasp, encourage them to reach out to their online teacher directly for more help.

The ability to receive additional support should be included in any online course and is an important consideration when you select an online course or virtual school.

4) Get enough sleep.

It may seem trivial, but ensuring that your student is getting enough sleep can have a direct impact on their success in their online course.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 13-17-year-olds need 8-10 hours of sleep, yet only 15 percent of teens report sleeping 8.5 hours a night. Establishing a consistent bedtime routine that supports sleep could make a big difference in your student’s level of focus throughout the day.

5) Celebrate the wins.

Since your student can work on their own time and at their own pace, they may feel less enthusiasm or finality when finishing a test, project, or even a course. Remind your student to celebrate their achievements with something fun like going to the movies, on a coffee date, or playing a game of one-on-one.

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