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Summer Learning

ALVS Summer School FAQ

ALVS Summer School FAQ

We’re here to help answer some of your frequently asked questions about summer learning

If you’re looking for opportunities for your student to continue learning this summer, you’re not alone. Many families are wondering about how they can address various learning scenarios right now including:

This is only a snapshot of the reasons why online learning over the summer helps students catch up and get ahead without the pressure of juggling multiple classes, compromising extracurricular activities, and managing busy schedules during the school year.

To help get you started on the right path this summer, we have compiled our most frequently asked questions from students and families about Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) summer learning options:

What’s the difference between offered over the summer?

What kind of Courses do you offer?

We have a comprehensive catalog of individual high school and middle school courses, including core, credit recovery, Honors, and Advanced Placement® (AP) Courses in math, science, English, world languages, social studies, fine arts, and PE/Health. Many of our award-winning Courses are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the University of California.

Does my student need a Course, Credit Recovery, or a Tutorial?

If your student needs to earn credit toward high school graduation, they will need a Course. Middle school students also benefit from taking Courses as it prepares them for the rigor of high school and gives them the opportunity to explore a different subject.

If your student took a class but did not pass, Prescriptive Credit Recovery courses are the perfect solution to make up that lost credit in 10 weeks over the summer.

However, if your student struggled with—but passed—a subject this school year, they may need support with concepts they didn’t understand, and our Tutorials work well in this situation. Tutorials help students build confidence in a specific subject. This confidence reduces anxiety and negative self-talk and prepares students to engage with a specific subject at grade level when they return to school in the fall.

How are credit recovery courses different than traditional, NCAA-approved versions?

Credit recovery courses are prescriptive, so assignments may be exempted based on pre-test results. If your student needs to meet the initial NCAA eligibility requirements, these courses will not count due to the exemption of work. Prescriptive courses are for students who need to retake a class to improve their grades and are not in need of NCAA-approved courses.

What are the benefits of taking a course over the summer?

Courses give students the opportunity to earn initial credit outside of their traditional schools. Students have the ability to learn anytime, anywhere.  Many students try new electives not offered at their school, or knock out core credits over the summer to free up room in their fall schedule.

ALVS Credit Recovery Courses help students retake classes they failed and recover the credits they lost. Prescriptive courses also offer students the chance to improve their GPA by giving them the opportunity to get a better grade in a specific class—even if they passed the first time.

Other students appreciate the opportunity to keep their learning going over the summer with Tutorials by filling learning gaps in classes they have already taken or preparing them to get ahead for the next semester.

How do Tutorials work?

Tutorials help students by identifying and filling grade-level gaps in learning. For example, your student might have had to skip over a concept during the past school year to keep up with unit work. Tutorials help them rewind to the missed concept, practice it, and master it. While Tutorials aren’t for credit, your student will be assessed before and after to show them their progress, which helps them build confidence.

Does my student have to be online at specific times on specific days?

No. One of the things our students and families appreciate most about ALVS Courses and Tutorials is the flexibility we offer. Your student can log on any day of the week, 24 hours a day, and do their schoolwork. Many of our full-time students tell us they love being able to work later in the day—and even into the evening—when they feel more focused.

Will this affect our family’s summer vacation plans?

As long as your student has access to Wi-Fi, they can log on and do their schoolwork from anywhere around the world. A lot of our summertime students are even more motivated to learn because they don’t feel like they’re missing out on other things, including family vacations, summer jobs, and fun experiences with friends.

I’m not a teacher. Will my student have qualified help?

Yes. We offer Live Help with certified teachers - Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time). Students and parents also have access to our Student Support Specialists.

How self-directed does my student need to be?

Because our Courses and Tutorials are self-paced, it’s important that your student is able to have some accountability for doing their schoolwork. Hands down, the best piece of advice from our students (and teachers) is to do the work in consistent, bite-sized chunks.

What tools will I have to make sure my student is completing the Course?

A weekly progress report is emailed to designated adults once a week for the duration of the Course. Our research shows that adult engagement is a key indicator of success for students taking online Courses.

Have other questions about summer learning that we haven’t covered?Please contact usand well be happy to help!

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