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Online AP Courses

Online AP Courses

What’s an AP course?

The College Board created Advanced Placement® (AP) courses to provide students seeking additional academic challenges with rigorous coursework and the opportunity to earn college credit. Each AP course, from AP Chemistry to AP English Language and Composition, follows a college-level curriculum and encourages students to apply their studies to real-world problems.  In most cases, colleges will grant students either full or partial college credit for their AP courses as long as the student passes the final exam. 

While any student can enroll in these high-level classes, they’re aimed at driven, academically-minded students looking for a head start. Students who choose the AP route should have self-discipline and be prepared for a heavy course load. It’s a good idea to talk with an Apex Learning Virtual School counselor before enrolling in our online AP classes.

AP courses can give students a competitive edge when it comes to college admissions, which is why they’ve been gaining in popularity in the last decade. Students who take AP courses in high school not only prove their interest in higher-level learning, but can save money by starting their college career with credit hours. 

Online AP Courses

Not all high schools can offer every AP course to their students. Staffing issues and other resource concerns may prevent them from providing students with each option. However, students interested in taking AP courses have the option to enroll in online AP courses through Apex Learning Virtual School. 

For an idea of what types of courses are available, check out ALVS’ expansive catalog of AP course offerings

Benefits of Online Courses

While some students are given the opportunity to take AP courses at their local high school, not all students take the same path. In addition, homeschooled students, or students who desire a course that isn’t offered at school, will benefit from the plethora of options available online. 

Flexibility and Convenience 

With online courses, students can enjoy the flexibility of studying anywhere. Families who travel, students who have an out-of-the-box schedule, or students seeking opportunities outside of their public school will find online courses more convenient. Enrolling in online courses will also allow students to move at their own pace. 

Advanced Learning Opportunities

Like AP students enrolled in courses at their local high school, ALVS students taking online AP courses will gain access to AP Classroom as part of enrollment. This suite of digital tools and resources comes straight from the College Board and is aligned with the exams. Leveraging AP Classroom, students can join individual teachers’ classrooms to access resources like daily videos, topic questions, and progress checks. Plus, students have access to AP Classroom even if they complete their AP course prior to the exam date. 

College Credit and Placement Advantages 

It’s important to note that not all colleges look at AP courses the same way. Some colleges accept Advanced Placement courses as credits, while others use AP scores as a gauge for admission or placement. It’s wise for students to learn how their desired school(s) view AP courses before enrolling. In the best-case scenarios, students will earn college credit and advanced placement after completing their course.

How to Choose the Best Online Courses

Students should consider what they’re passionate about when determining which advanced courses to take, as well as a variety of other factors. 

Find an accredited course — Make sure that the course you’re thinking about is College Board approved and accredited. This way, credits earned from the course will be more widely accepted and easy to transfer to other schools. 

Understand your learning style — It’s important to know your learning style so you can compare it with the teaching style and subject matter of the class. Take into consideration things like the length of the course, lecture length, and whether it’s more visual, auditory or kinesthetic. 

Learn about the course rigor and college credit potential — Even the most ambitious students should take the workload into consideration before committing. If an AP course is extremely rigorous, students will want to make sure they have the availability for such a class. Also, gather a list of desired colleges or universities to apply to and learn their stance on AP classes so you know your credit potential. 

Find out about instructor quality and support — It’s always a positive to have a knowledgeable and supportive instructor, no matter what class you’re taking. It’s especially important when you’re embarking on a challenging course. ALVS’ AP instructors are extremely helpful and can provide support materials to practice for AP exams. 

Tips for Studying for Online AP Courses

It can be challenging to dedicate yourself to college-level work as a high school student. While online courses offer plenty of flexibility to adapt to any schedule, it also requires self-discipline. Here’s a few tips to succeed with an online AP course.

Online AP courses can be a stellar way to boost college applications, giving you access to your school of choice. Take every opportunity to learn more about what’s available to you by talking with teachers and school counselors. Make sure you’re utilizing an online library with a full catalog of classes and a supportive network of teachers to make the most out of your enrollment. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How hard is an online AP course?

Like any course, the difficulty of an AP course can vary by subject matter and a person’s skill set. As a general rule, AP courses are college-level curriculum and are designed to be academically challenging. Students can expect a rigorous course load for any AP class. 

Can I get college credit for completing an online AP course? 

It depends. Some colleges (particularly state universities) accept AP classes as full or partial credit towards college courses, while others consider AP classes good practice for college-level curriculum.

Are there any technical requirements or software needed to take an online AP course? 

All online AP courses require a computer with internet access. Some courses may require software that is unique to the course or subject matter, so always check course requirements before signing up. Lastly, some of ALVS’ AP courses require books and lab materials. We have a materials list outlining required materials for each course that families can reference in the course catalog. 

Unlock Your Potential with ALVS Online AP Courses

Are you a high school student looking to challenge yourself and get ahead on your college journey? If so, you're in the right place! Browse our catalog of NCAA and UC approved Advanced Placement Courses designed to give students like you the opportunity to excel academically with the support you need to succeed.

AP® and Advanced Placement® are trademarks registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of this product, and is not affiliated with Apex Learning Virtual School.

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