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Get real-time support from an online tutor at no additional cost.


Our online tutors are available on weekdays from 5am – 5pm Pacific Time, no appointment needed!

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Supplemental curriculum for grades 6-12

New! Tutorials

Help your student stay on-track during school closures.


Self-directed, engaging learning activities help your student master skills and close learning gaps.

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Summer School

Earn a credit, improve a grade, or get ahead this summer.


Our flexible courses allow your student to accelerate or catch-up at their own pace this summer.

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We are an established, accredited high school academy serving families and schools across the country and world.

Fully Accredited, Private Online High School

How do I know whether an online high school is right for me?

An online high school is a great option if your student needs flexible scheduling or an alternative learning environment. Unlike in traditional high school classes, our students control when, where, and how quickly they work. Online learning is an ideal solution if your student is an athlete or a homeschooler or if they want to graduate early, live abroad, or deal with social anxiety.

How do you support students?

Your student works independently, but they are not alone. Experienced teachers monitor and encourage your student throughout their course and provide personalized feedback on graded assignments. Students can schedule one-on-one sessions with teachers via phone or video chat. Plus, online tutors are available via Live Tutor Chat to help students with their coursework in real time. If you or your student has questions, contact our responsive Student Services team via phone, email, or chat. Our Services team provides friendly assistance for enrollment, scheduling, and technical questions.

Can I earn my high school diploma online?

Yes. We have a full-time private online high school. During the application process, you and your stud