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Middle School Classes

Individual Middle School Courses

Our online classes for middle school can help you give your student an opportunity to work ahead of grade level. You can also use them to supplement your homeschooling curriculum or close skill gaps before high school. We offer math, English, science, social studies, and world language courses for grades 6-8 in addition to our high school catalog.

Our online courses are easy to fit into your middle schooler’s schedule any time of year. That’s because your student gets to decide when, where, and how fast they work. Courses start every Monday!

Accelerated Middle School Students

accelerate middle school with alvsIs your student working ahead of grade level? Are your student’s options for acceleration at their middle school limited?

If your student feels like they are being held back, consider enrolling them in our online courses. We’ll help them work at an accelerated pace during middle school. Our comprehensive catalog includes middle school and high school courses for grades 6-12. So, whether your student is working ahead at the middle school or high school level, we’ll have a course for them.

If your student wants to get a head start on high school graduation requirements, we have core, honors, and Advanced Placement courses in our high school catalog. You can also use our high school middle school readiness quiz to help you gauge your student’s readiness.

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Homeschooling in Middle School

The flexibility of our online classes for middle school complements the flexibility of homeschooling. If you are a homeschooling veteran or just need to homeschool temporarily, our courses are a great fit. Our individual courses engage your student. They are designed to address different learning styles and encourage active learning. Your student will learn by doing. They will complete a variety of activities that will challenge them to observe, create, connect, and confirm.

Certified teachers provide instruction and detailed feedback to your student. Plus, your student can reach out to our online tutors for help in real-time, Monday – Friday. That means you don’t have to be an expert in all subjects all the time.

Summer School for Middle Schoolers

Take Middle school courses online during the summer with ALVSWhy not use summer break to give your student a chance to work ahead or address skill gaps? Help your student get ahead in their favorite subject by enrolling them in an online course for summer school. Your student can even get a jump on earning high school credits by taking one of our high school classes.

If you have a 7th or 8th grader, use the summer break as a time to strengthen their math and reading skills before entering high school or taking high school placement tests.

Close Skill Gaps

Addressing skill gaps is important for your student to be successful beyond middle school. If your student struggles in a particular class they may just need more time with the material, or to learn it in a different way.

Our online classes for middle school give your student the time and space they need to strengthen their skills. Since our courses are self-placed, your student can take their time on concepts and skills they have struggled with. Plus, your student is supported by online teachers who provide individualized feedback and by online tutors who help them in real-time. If your student has gaps across multiple grade levels, enroll them in our Foundations courses. Math Foundations I and English Foundations I covers learned in grades 3-5. Math Foundations II and English Foundations II includes skills learned in grades 6-8; these courses are also great for preparing for high school placement tests.

Our Middle School Catalog

We offer online middle school classes in the four core subjects and world languages.